paper book

The book would stay the book. What can be more accessible, more convincing and more habitual, than the usual paper book? The books of V. Repin are disseminated through usual book-selling networks, in Russia and abroad.



The major work’s of the author are accessible to the reader in the electronic version. In certain cases the e-books even have certain advantages before traditional paper editions because are quite often offered in the update which has been carried out by the author already after an exit of its books in the usual paper version.
It is quite obvious that the classical book publishing, connected with labor-intensive process and high expenses, is not in a condition to keep up with one fruitful author in its aspiration to perfection if it overworks already published texts. In this sense the e-book present almost inexhaustible possibilities…


On this website, you can also purchase the author’s books or ebooks, in the most current version.
The option to purchase a book or ebook, in two clicks, is provided on the introductory page dedicated to each specific edition.

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