Vyacheslav Repin

novel 2010, 2 vol.

vol. 1: 404 p. (print edition)
vol. 2: 408 p.

language : Russian

“The Chameleons” was written in Russian over more than ten years. This is a major and important text of over 900 pages, dealing with today’s Russia, with war, with the Chechen question, among other issues, in the face of existential problems of our (and indeed any) age.

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publisher’s summary

Russia today, the recent war in the North Caucasus, palpable, with the real pain of compassion, the cynicism of modernity, the multidimensional everyday life, the metaphysical clash of the individual with society, life today in its multiple dimensions and dementias… There is no subject more controversial.

On the pages of this new novel by the author, going beyond the framework of realism and once again disproportionate in volume, the reader is obliged to approach the essential questions of his existence.

The novel is written in the classic style characteristic of the author. By the creative approach, by the way of extending the narrative fabric, the novel gravitates toward existential prose in its best traditions.

The first version of the book was published in 2010.

Interview with V. Repin (in Russian), The war in the novel The Chameleons(36.00)



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