Death and Eternity 

synthesis of latest knowledge

2019 – 2020
273 pages (print edition)

Philosophical essay in Russian devoted to the fundamental problem of human existence. This book is about the main thing.

The author’s review of all that is known today about death is based on the experience of modern medicine, on the latest fundamental research, on information from philosophy, theology and theology

The chapters on the Orthodox doctrine of death, set out from a contemporary perspective, were written by the author at the St. Panteleimon’s Russian monastery on Athos (Greece).

This is the first time the author has resorted to the genre of philosophical essay.

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selected chapters, read by the author (in Russian)

Author’s introduction (6.00)

Renewed interest in death  (90.00)

Personal experience (15.00)

The Orthodox doctrine of death (85.00)

part 1 (28.00)

part 2 (19.00)

part 3 (38.00)

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